This easy-to-use Leader’s Guide is provided to assist in conducting a successful presentation.

Covid-19 Fact Sheet and Quiz (PDF)



Preparing for the Meeting

Here are a few suggestions for using this program:

  • Review the contents of the Fact Sheet that immediately follows this page to familiarize yourself with the
    program topic and the training points discussed in the program. The Fact Sheet also includes a list of
    Program Objectives that details the information that participants should learn from watching the
  • If required by your organization, make an attendance record to be signed by each participant to
    document the training to be conducted.
  • Prepare the area and equipment to be used for the training. Make sure the watching environment is
    comfortable and free from outside distractions. Also, ensure that participants can see and hear the TV
    screen or computer monitor without obstructions.
  • Make copies of the Review Quiz included at the end of this Leader’s Guide to be completed by
    participants at the conclusion of the presentation. Be aware that the page containing the answers to the
    quiz comes before the quiz itself, which is on the final page.


Conducting the Presentation

  • Begin the meeting by welcoming the participants. Introduce yourself and give each person an
    opportunity to become acquainted if there are new people joining the training session.
  • Introduce the program by its title and explain to participants what they are expected to learn as stated
    in the Program Objectives of the Fact Sheet.
  • Play the program without interruption. Upon completion, lead discussions about your organization’s
    specific policies regarding the subject matter. Make sure to note any unique hazards associated with
    the program’s topic that participants may encounter while performing their job duties at your facility.
  • Hand out copies of the review quiz to all of the participants and make sure each one completes it
    before concluding the training session.



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