Designed by members of EO, MyEO offers a range of unique experiences. These experiences range from motorsports to bourbon to philanthropy.

And outside of our chapter, EO offers hundreds of MyEO experiences globally.

How do you find out more about MyEO? Your first step is to complete your MyEO profile. Once you’ve selected your areas of interest, EO members with shared interests will be able to communicate freely with you to arrange amazing experiences here in Atlanta and around the world.

MyEO experiences include:

  • Events

Create an event around your passion and invite EO members from around the region, country, or world to join you.

  • Groups

Engage a new network of peers united to focus on business, passion or lifestyle by joining or creating a MyEO Group.

  • Forum

Learn and share with members in a forum-style environment focused around a particular industry or peer group.


If you’re interested in learning more about MyEO or even championing a MyEO group, please contact our MyEO chair at