Kenneth HamanKenneth Haman

Growing Resilience:  Unlocking Human Potential

There are two big problems with the way human beings cope with “change”.  One is very old, and the other is brand new. The “old” problem is that our human biology evolved in ancient conditions that were very stable – as a primitive human being once you learned how to survive (usually by the age of 12) you were equipped for a lifetime.  As a result, as human beings we are not well equipped to cope with change – evolution didn’t prepare us very well in this regard. The “new” problem is that our understanding of “change” is changing. In the Digital Age information is multiplying rapidly: today we are doubling the sum total of human knowledge every 18 months. This results in a frantic pace of development of new tools, new approaches, new competitive challenges and new “stuff” to deal with.  Put these two together and you get the biggest challenges that most businesses face today: the human central nervous system has not changed in 50,000 years but the environment in which leaders must operate and employees must perform is changing dramatically on a daily basis.

In this fast-paced and entertaining program participants will gain insights into their own, built-in limits for coping with change as well as insights into how to use research from the behavioral sciences to improve resilience in the midst of an intense flow of change.  The program is designed to be entertaining as well as enlightening and draws on the author’s 30 years of experience as a psychologist working in practical business settings. The goal of the program is to give participants practical, executable resources into their own challenges.

About Kenneth Haman, Managing Director, AllianceBernstein’s Advisor Institute

Ken has been the curriculum developer, Managing Director and Senior Specialist at AllianceBernstein’s Advisor Institute since 2005.  In his role, he develops presentations and publishes white papers designed to translate insights from the behavioral sciences into executable strategies for financial professionals and business leaders, all designed to improve their commercial success.  Ken has a degree in Business Administration and graduate degrees in Theology and Counseling Psychology and managed a private practice in psychotherapy in the Washington DC area for 20 years, delivering over 22, 000 hours of face-to-face, clinical service.  Ken’s advanced training includes certifications in Clinical Hypnosis and Eriksonian Brief Psychotherapy and he is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming. For the past 20 years, Ken has specialized in working with financial professionals at all levels of achievement.  During his time at AllianceBernstein, he has delivered thousands of presentations in North America, Europe, and Asia.