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EO Atlanta Camp Cloud Experience – Mystery Mountain

August 23, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT


It’s not too late to take your kids to camp before summer is officially over! You and your family are invited to join us for a unique live-streamed virtual experience (fun for everyone, but especially age 5 to 19) led by Camp Cloud whose passionate and skilled facilitators will lead us on a 90-minute family adventure full of engaging challenges and most of all lots of moments of levity and laughter.

Our adventure will be Mystery Mountain! You and your family will be thrown right into the immersive narrative where your actions and choices will create a one of a kind experience.

The session begins in one Zoom room where all of the participating families will be welcomed by the Camp Cloud team, given a few tips on how to navigate and interact on the Zoom platform, ensure you have the requisite supplies, and then you will be sent off to begin your adventure. At the end of your 90-minute experiential narrative, your family will return to the main camp room where you will share your successes and highlights with the other participating families.



Mystery Mountain Backstory: 

After priceless items begin to go missing, you band together with fellow villagers to catch the thief! You just want to solve a local mystery, but as you journey towards the mysterious mansion on the mountain, you wonder if instead, you will find yourself wrapped up in a nefarious plan. If all of our families work collaboratively, we can search the mansion, dust for fingerprints, and bring the villain to justice! But beware… the villain could be one of our own!


For a few weeks now, there have been strange disappearances around your local town!  Items have begun to go missing. At first, it was just little things- a loaf of bread here, a sock there- but now it’s become out of hand! Priceless artifacts, like portraits of our founders and old family jewels, have vanished overnight, even with added security!


Your town is quaint, the kind of town where everyone knows each other, so you can’t imagine who amongst you would do such a thing! People claim that they’ve heard strange noises at night just outside their homes! The town council proposes a night watch, and you all have graciously volunteered to keep watch on the first night.


The night is still, at first, and the warm night air and dark sky start to make your eyes feel heavy when you suddenly hear a crash! Startling awake, you all race towards the noise, stumbling over each other as you try to rise. The villain certainly got a head start, and you see a shadowy figure racing towards the edge of the town. You all begin to chase this thief up the inclusion of the steep mountain right at the edge of town. As you begin to close ground, you see lights ahead and realize that the figure is approaching the old Greyer Manor atop the mountain. How strange; that mansion has been abandoned for years, but it looks like someone has been using it as a hideout!


As the night watch, you regroup and decide to approach the manor. You must make it into the mansion, deduce who the thief is, and bring that villain to justice!


Watch this quick video from our Learning Chairs as they explain more about this great event!


This event is open to EO Members & Accelerators Families! Attendees will receive the Zoom link and supply list on the week of the event.

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August 23, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT
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