EO values Mentoring among members

“Most people learn only from their mistakes. But what if you could learn from someone else’s?”

Participating in the EO Mentorship program inspires personal and professional growth through a synergistic, one-on-one relationship with a peer. These personal connections accelerate development by focusing on goals that drive growth and inspire the sharing of insights, perspectives and experiences. There are two ways you can get involved in this program:


Become a Mentee

Sometimes it is difficult to see your business from the outside. Let your mentor give you the 10,000-foot view your missing. As a mentee, you can take control of your growth in business and beyond by working with a mentor to achieve goals and gain fresh perspectives.


Become a Mentor

When your starting out in entrepreneurship, did you ever wish you had someone talk to who was further along in their own journey? Now you can do that for someone else!

Be a mentor and share your knowledge with a mentee to help them gain a new outlook on their goals and business.


Ready to participate? We would be grateful if you could complete this survey to express your interest in participating in the EO Mentorship program.



Want more information about EO Mentorship? Contact Hugh Massie

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