EO SLP Forums


EO considers the Spousal/Life Partner (SLP) Forum Program one of its most important and valuable member benefits. SLP Forums have been a part of the organization since the inception of the Forum program. Today chapters are realizing the value of the SLP forums, and new SLP forums are launched every year.


The more SLPs who are involved in EO, the stronger your chapter can be. This happens for three primary reasons:

  • SLPs understanding of the Forum experience negates any insecurity they may feel about the confidential nature of Forum. Conversations that begin with “I don\’t understand why you can\’t talk about Forum?” or “What have you been doing for the past five hours?” will be eliminated altogether.
  • SLPs will perceive a direct benefit from the chapter, therefore having a greater appreciation for the member\’s affiliation with EO. This can have a positive effect on member retention as well.
  • SLPs will derive value from the Forum experience for the same reasons members do because they are receiving support/experience-sharing in various areas of their lives.