Chris Voss, CEO of The Black Swan Group and author of “Never Split The Difference” teaches you how to fix deals during the Corona Virus economic shut-down.

Step 1: Tactical Empathy

  • Speak in their language
  • Recognize their fears, worries, and anxieties
  • Use “you” only; there is no “we” (yet)

I know you are scared. You are scared that this is going to get out of control. You are anxious that this will destroy your company. You are worried that you are going to lose your jobs.

Step 2: Effective Pause / Dynamic Silence

  • Let the tactical empathy go dead silent
  • No buts, no explanations
  • Double down on tactical empathy
  • Voice/tone should be soothing, understanding, and confident.

And it’s going to get worse.

Step 3: Thought-Shaping Question

  • Pivot to the “how.”

How do we get through this so that we don’t destroy the company that we share? How do we work together to ensure the viability of the company we share?

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