Because of EO…

Because of EO… Members of the Atlanta chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization place a different value on membership than you’ll find in most associations. You may be surprised by [...]

Kenneth Haman

Kenneth Haman Growing Resilience:  Unlocking Human Potential There are two big problems with the way human beings cope with “change”.  One is very old, and the other is brand new. […]

Tanya Chernova

Tanya Chernova Evolve Your Thinking. Advance Your Business. Enhance Your Life. The Neuroscience of Success Are You Programmed for Success or Sabotage? Do you wonder why you aren’t making more [...]


DANDAPANI MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS The true rewards of meditation come not at the start, but rather much later. Learn a step-by-step process to meditation which will help you sustain your [...]